Reviews for "Welfare Queens"



Biting satire that most seem to miss.

Most recipients dont just sit on their laurels doing nothing. This flash was a wonderful satire showing just what that money would go to if the program stopped. The problem isnt welfare as a whole but rather the few people who abuse it.

I myself was on foodstamps for all of 3 weeks before I was working again and I was so happy that help was there. If any of you want that kind of help taken away then I sincerely hope you never have a situation leave you broke for you will find no pity in a world without aide programs.

Good piece

I don't necessarily have a problem with helping out people who are down on their luck. However the more comfortable you make it for them to not work, the less inclined they'll be to work. Unemployment compensation right now lasts for a hundred weeks. That's almost TWO YEARS of sitting on your butt and collecting a check instead of looking for a new job. It's appalling the amount of mollycoddling that goes on, and it's going to stay that way. The people who created this system do it to create dependency. The more people that are dependent on the government, the more people will vote for candidates that want to expand government power--to make more people dependent. Higher taxes, more regulations, more social welfare programs (like the healthcare bill...) It has to stop, and we can make it stop. There's an election in the US on Nov 2. VOTE. Get rid of the dead weight that caused this problem and enabled it and get in people who'll fix it.

Your cartoon only shows part of the message, but part is better than none. You, sir, are one of the few examples of intelligent thinkers on the Internet who see the false promises for what they are. Bravo, and keep it up!

"Work Harder..."

"...People on Welfare are Depending on You."
A quote from a bumper sticker I saw.
Very well done. Nice classic style and sound, to drive home an old problem. I especially liked the sarcasm at the end.
If there's going to be change away from welfare, it needs to start with accountability to those receiving it, but none of them would like that. There also needs to be a limit like unemployment has. Heck, even unemployment has accountability. If your not applying to jobs, you don't get it! It can't just be blindly handed out! My 2 cents.
Nice work!


well i believe that is the problem seen with social security, is we can see people in section 8 having several kids to get more money from the system, hell there are people getting social security that live better than me! now you can argue that lifes not fair and there will be those that will have it better, but cant you see thats a 2 way street? lets look at it in a different life, compared to the failure of the USSR, communism failed because the government tried to make things equal for everyone correct? but instead of that some people questioned why bother doing a good job if i get the same pay either way? lets face it, things wont be equal, ever. lifes not fair, there will be haves, and have nots. when i was young there was a point where my family was homeless BUT they worked to get back up. if the gov just GIVES people money for nothing, they wont even try, thats why by the time i retire, social security will be DRAINED from people who abused it because they became lazy. bottom line - if you give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. teach him how to fish he can eat for the rest of his life. I dont claim to have a certain answer but if the government would put more effort to create jobs for its citizens instead of putting it into social security, than things would be much betteri would predict, but we shall see perhaps in the future...