Reviews for "Welfare Queens"

Just a simple request...

Well welfare is B.S., true, but I don't see much need for subsidizing oil, bombs, agriculture, sports, or anything else for that matter really, either. Just give me my tax money you extorted from me in the first place and we'll call it even.

So true...

I couldn't really understand it because i don't study politics, but i do know the world doesn't need these government dickheads. But at the same time we do, no matter how bad they stab us in the back. Somehow it reminded me of Fallout 3. Thanks for an entertaining movie!


well said...well said indeed.

The problem's in execution

Hmm, animation was good, but I feel like you should put more research into your msg. Show us the facts. Also, I would've liked to have heard what YOU wanted us to spend tax money on. Voice sounded like it didn't fit for some reason...

Social security systems are corrupted at the bureaucratic level, which results in a bad image and deserving people being left out to dry.

Although I'm against mandatory charity, welfare IS good and moral. But, in order for it to mean anything, the bureaucracy needs to be overhauled.

Disability and elderly entitlements are understandable, and a very temporary unemployment program, perhaps one which changes length in accordance with our economy could be acceptable.

However, oversight of both the recipients' actions and the bureaucracy which is supposed to watch them is very necessary.


This was awesome. It could've done with better sound quality for the narration, but a well executed attack on assholes living on welfare. Also, I thank you for teaching me which of our dickhead presidents brought about the idea. My American History could use some work, as you could imagine.

Welfare is communism!