Reviews for "Welfare Queens"

Very true...

People on welfare are just criminals,losers, and lazy people who are good for nothing...


Politics and social issues on Newgrounds? No...it can't be D: Surreal > Serious

As for the flash itself:
Good animation with a nice retro style to it. Only thing that took away from it was the sometimes uneven narration.


why? Because there are people who need the help VIA Welfare if they lose out on their job. I was on Welfare for 2 months while looking for a better job and it saved me from losing my apartment and car.

I dislike those who abuse the system, yes, but it IS needed for those who are laid off and can't find work due to the town/city they're in. Or other reasons.

To shut down a system that helps many because some abuse it is WHY you're not in power, anywhere.

Very nice, made me lol

I love how all the reviewers are only seeing what they want to see. Guys, try to pay attention to the second half of the clip if you're against welfare, and to the first half if you're for it. And remember, nothing is worth taking completely seriously.

toxicwes responds:

well said.

Best Satire Ever

Two thumbs up. I've been poor. And I've been unemployed. But I never lived off the government dole while doing so. And I don't have kids I can't afford. And I don't live beyond my means. But I know folks that have. The problem with the government taking responsibility for those types of people is it just promotes more irresponsibility. And subsidies, etc are stupid if you look at the free market economy model. However, they are a necessary evil in order to keep our country war ready if ever need be. We need manufacturing plants, crop land, etc. But there has to be a better way to benefit from that instead of the government paying subsidies. Or bailouts.