Reviews for "Welfare Queens"

Great flash.

There are lots of people who exploit the welfare system, but the people who are complaining about it wasting their tax money don't even need the money in the first place.

Silly people, stay in school

Sarcasm within a message is called "satire", and it is sad that it is so frequently lost on many people.

Bravo to those of you who at least recognized the sarcastic elements, as you get the real message.

Any of you who think this was an advocation against anything but the people who are blindly against socialism communism, use strawman arguments backed with unadulterated prejudice, xenophobia, and ignorance, and a whole list of other issues that would possibly be construed as inappropriate due to content.... --deepbreath-- are sorely missing the point.

For those of you who missed the point, let me summarize.

"There is an exploitable hole in the welfare system, but more money goes to people who have no use for it"

republican propoganda lol

the animation was good and i like how you gave it that kind of vintage feeling however the audio was a bit iffy and the narration could have been better.

although a lot of what you said is true, it sounded like you were saying everybody who is jobless or on welfare is lazy and refuses to get a job. that is just an ignorant generalization.

there are too many reasons one can have for not having a job and being on welfare. some people are just born into a life of poverty and for others no matter what they do their situation just won't get better. especially today, its not that easy just to get a job. if welfare didn't exist, the US would be in far worse economical state than it already is right now.

Elitest Snobbery, or accute sarcasm

Finding it hard to tell.... But i can't complain about the animation. If it was sarcasm it should have been balance out more by subtle references to the counter arguement

Very clever!

Very clever!

I love how so many people don't really get this video. They think they understand the political message, but they fail to realize the sarcasm.

People see what they want to see I guess ;-)