Reviews for "Welfare Queens"

Read up on History

Wow! Another person who doesn't like welfare. Yes I agree that today people use and abuse welfare and that millions of tax payers dollars go to waste on this social system and if it doesn't go here that it might go to some other bail out that we do not need because if they failed at business then to damn bad they should just fall. But to blame FDR is just stupid. Before you blame a great president look at what the "SS" act was for. It was a temporary solution that never went away. Yes it does seem like a socialist thing to have but it was used during the hardest time this country has ever seen and truly helped thousands of destitute Americans. But it was supposed to end after WWII when prosperity returned to the US but low and behold FDR died before he could end it. The incoming presidents did not want to end such programs instituted during the FDR presidency because people are stupid and lazy and they wanted their votes. Blame the poor and ignorant not the men who created a great nation.

Rather enjoyable

I thought that this was great except for one thing, your narrator. If you want to keep the setting of yer animation in the 50's 60's style, then you need a more boisterous or charismatic voice. Other than that, great job.

Eh. Dull.

It was incredibly slow and the pacing was terrible. And, as a piece of satire, quite poor. Yes, we get it, you want to mock rich people for not liking welfare. Do you have to do it with so little emotion? For something like this, an ad mocking people, you need strong emotions.

If you do more political pieces, don't stretch out satire so much. Comedy is the truth with a twist on the end. This just... wouldn't end.

Funny, well done!

I find it brilliant how you made fun of both right and left wing views. Very skillful animation.

funny and clever

i like the satire of it, although you do have a point. kinda like the message at the end of every south park episode. although the other things we should spend it on suggested weren't that good. maybe schools, so people don't become welfare queens, or government health care, so our hospitals aren't controlled by insurance comapnies. and yes, i think people should get a job insead of becoming welfare queens if they can. great film, great satire message. 5/5 10/10