Reviews for "Welfare Queens"

747's dont drop bombs

you silly noob

Andrew Ryan would be proud.

As would Ayn Rand for that matter.

Clean animation, good voice work, overall not too shabby. A good social commentary cartoon is always enjoyable to watch, it lets me know that I'm not the only one who realizes some of these things. Though the popcorn bombs threw me for a loop.

I love me some good polotical cartoons.

Concept of satire a bit too hard to understand for you?


Iunno man. Where is the love?

Oldy film goodness

Never thought somebody could make an actual comedy of global welfare (and have it turn out being good), but this is funny enough for me to say you did it. Sure, the laughs weren't big, but the presentation as an old grainy cartoon flick from the 30's or 40's made me surprised at the work that went into trying to make this entertaining, and it works well.
Most of this is actually pretty true as well, though the main reason people in poverty are like that is because of either lay-offs or that they are all-around very unfortunate, so ridiculing the poor as being lazy and basically getting paid for it isn't the most accurate thing to say. The only other negative I can find is that the sound quality was pretty bad. The grain of the old-film style sometimes became exceedingly loud, enough as to even muffle out the voice of the narrator, but that didn't happen too ofter; I was able to hear most everything being said. Besides those two complaints, this Flash was really great! Maybe I'll check out the rest of your works now.
I also love the reference to the Homestar Runner series with the Goblin appearing as one of the lady's many children. Cool easter egg!