Reviews for "Welfare Queens"


old political cartoon feel and still packed with information. very nice.

Nice style there

Vintage style movies is my favorite :) nice things you sayed by the way..


Welfare actually costs little at all for the average American, about .06 or .006% of the Federal Budget, that came about the cost for 1 stealth bomber, it costs LITTLE to the US. Fact is, most voters are old, the government opays about 50% of the Budget on Social Services because people are getting older and not dying, thus there needs to be more people more doctors being paid etc. however because Old people make up the majority of voters, no one is going to bring it up in the elections and turn the topic of it to something else like welfare.

A lot better than I expected

And a good smack across the faces of both lefties and righties.

I'm sure there are a few Canadians on this site who are sick and tired of how Quebec milk farmers are literally paid to dump millions of gallons (or litres) of milk to keep prices high. To non-Canadians, milk in Canada, on average, is over $4 a gallon, while milk in the United States cost less than $2 in most stores. Sadly, Quebec will milk Canada for money as long as they threaten to separate. Oh well...

A great cartoon. Although, it somewhat makes sense to subsidize the military, because the government does control foreign arms sales, and I'd prefer dipshit countries not get their hands on high-tech Western equipment like F-35s, F-22s, various missile tech, and the various components that make tanks like the Abrams, Merkava, Leopard, and Challenger better than their non-NATO counterparts. It's either subsidize or nationalize defense industries to keep them intact during peacetime. At least, that's in my opinion.


I'm wondering where you found the music and sound effects for your video. I'm working on a animation in a 50's genre on sodium fluoride and would be grateful for some advise

toxicwes responds:

archive.org... lots of great vintage stuff if you don't mind digging.