Reviews for "Welfare Queens"

nicely done

this made me lol

love how you made out welfare queens to be communists

sad thing

is that

its completely true

My sentiments exactly.

Same as above.

Well I have to congratulate you.

You actually made me login in my newgrounds account! After seeing your post on your artist page and watching some event unfold here at newgrounds, I do believe that submissions like this one need to have a *MUCH* better score. I mean, this one actually tries to *TEACH* us something instead of blowing stickmans to the ground!

As for the animation itself, I divide my reviews in 2 parts: my opinion and the animation score.

Animation Score: 4/5
Why? Well it's a GOOD animation, but it's not perfect.
Personal Score: 5/5
Well, this is the kind of flash that we *SHOULD* be seeing in Newgrounds. I mean instead of spamming stick figure submissions we should see more stuff like this: stuff that actually *HAS* a message.

Total Score: 9/10

Anyways, keep up the good job, I'm hoping to see more from you!

toxicwes responds:

thanks for taking the time to review! i really appreciate the feedback.

great message

fuck the welfarians