Reviews for "There She Is!! step3"


Each new episode seems better than the previous.
The story develops well and the expressiveness of the characters makes up for the lack of words, which is a good thing as it makes the story surpass language barriers.

I loved the animation and story as always

Ya need to pick a better song though. The first one had a good one, you need a song by Mad Masato.


it was okay


ive been waiting a long time for this one and it didnt dissapoint please nake another one

great work!;)

I really admire your work...your movies are amazing!i really love the animations, the graphics...it surely gives you alot of work to do it. i wish i could make animations like yours, because i really suck at this :(. Keep up with the good work! ;)

(sorry for my bad english, i´m portuguese:P)