Reviews for "Star Rebellion"


hey guys from dragongamez,

overall this game is really well done! i love tower defences and this is a good one :)
it was fun to play
to start with the game looks great. nice graphics; towers, enemies and landscape are a good fit. the menu looks nice too. you have sound controls (i miss that in most flash games), pause and menu button and overview of important information (enemies, wave, resources, time, attack, cancel, next wave...), great. area radar was a nice idea but i didnt use it ^^
good base for a good td game.
but you habe to work on your gameplay. it was too easy! (im just at level 6 but noticed it on all levels)
enemies take the same route the whole level. perhaps you try do implement a small random generator which let the enemy choose 1 of 2 or 3 programmed ways. i think this isnt so complicated.
they do to less damage. in the 5 levels i lost only 1 tower (i think at level 2, there is a start rush). most of the time they do 2-6 damage on a tower and this is repaired in 2 or 3 seconds. 2 or 3 stun towers and theres no danger anymore.
these powers (bombs) are a bright idea! i just 1, 2 nuclears to crush the boss before it reaches my towers but nice concept anyways.
at the end some suggestions:
-- lots of levels are good but too much so same atm. make enemies take 2 or 3 different ways, perhaps think about some kind of "missions" with other aims unlike survive
-- 1, 2 or 3 new towers for a bit more variability
-- perhaps something like combining tower (if they are placed side by side or with a 'combining' button) to get some new abilities or higher values
-- crystals can get mined too much; 5 or more raffs, dont matter. reduce hitpoints by 50% or smth like that (balance that)

overall: good game! i love games that are easy to play while chatting :D
i'll give you some 5er ratings and i'll wait for your next flash


Good potential

I can see where some touch-up is needed, though.

-upgrades are costly, and seem to provide less benefit than building a new tower
-pause time between waves is needed, resource gathering seems to just about catch up with the destruction of the cheapest tower (so, in the time it takes to gather 60 crystals, a laser tower is destroyed, meaning I must build a new one), so financing most of the upgrades or higher level towers is extremely dangerous
-some manner of armor tower? The junk in the way helps, but it might be nice to be able to build low-cost "walls" in front of some of the towers.

Other than that, it's a nice take on the old TD scheme.

some stuff you should know

not bad but the grafics need a bit touch ups ok
another thing more better music ok

Quite fun.

Overall this game was quite fun, the graphics were nice and well suited, the learning curve was simple, although that may only be because it's almost exactly the same as almost every other tower defence game. Ever! And the storyline struck me as a lazy Star Wars rippoff (The Good movies, not the crap ones.)
Despite this, this game is fine if you want to spent a few minuites or more doing something.

brilliant game

loved the game. graphics are good and the game is easy to understand but harder to master. the only thing is that there are too many levels - after level 3 i stopped playing. try adding more varied scenarios and a few different styles, maybe some lvls wher certain guns arent available, and some levels with new ones?
a hint to players - it is sometimes better to upgrade guns than buy new ones - and buying a laser turret instead of the plasma one is sometimes better - it costs less to upgrade to the same strength as the plasma one.