Reviews for "Star Rebellion"

Star Wars-esque. Not an actual TD, but kinda-sorta

I like the fact that you don't get money from your kills for no reason like some TDs, but in this case it would make since.
It could use a salvage crew that actually goes to get the kill wreckage while being under attack, but you get ship supplies and mine ores instead of crystals in return or an addition: ores. (ships from crystals?) How about engine cores from crystals.
Needs minimal work. Definitely needs some music in the vain of Star Wars and updated sound effects. Good Job!

Starcraft meets Star Wars...never knew it'd work

I'm utterly shocked i mean i finished the first level and...i'm hooked you have taken 2 very good sci-fi type things and combined them into something that actually works and is very well rounded...good work.

Great Little Addictive Game!

I loved it! Duno why these guys are giving low ratings but its like back 2 the days of Dune 2 for me! Great Job!

HELL! These are the same ppl who absolutely Love Desktop Tower Defence and Clones.Then Why they Hate this one?

brilliant, but..

It's a great blend of defense and RTS. The crystals and sounds obviously come from starcraft, but that's a good thing. The only reasons I give it an 8, and not a 10 is because it's a demo, with only 4 "planets" to fight on, and because it's a bit easy. Not once did my headquatres get attacked, or did I even lose a turret


...I don't Know,but...I felt as though I had seen this sort of game somewhere...
...Although,without know why,I'm giving seven scores!