Reviews for "Shrubbery."

very well done

i think you did great and this deserves to be front page the gameplay is nice and the Music is very catchy so overall a great front page hit

Finally, a challenging game ;D

Love these difficult games. Controls were smooth, and the intense bulletdodging skills for the bosses makes this game fucking awesome. There should have been less "random" activation powerups, and the weird "normal" stages were just a bit too repetitive. I like the idea, and I hope a sequel or something could be made.

Perhaps a more customizable player would be nice? Aside from stats and skills.


very fun, the only bad part was that you cant be revived, so it was challenging. i defeated 2 bosses and made level 3 100%, and the rest around 80
:P you should add a shop or something where we can heal though

finally finish

I've finished all the boss and normal mode but I didn't finish the 4th level normal mode so I didn't get the last power up, but I've finished it without the last powerup. My last score is 32984. Its very easy when you got the hang of it...


This game was made in 2008 and is amazingly well done. I was however hoping to see a sequel by now.