Reviews for "Shrubbery."

Nice Glitch ><

I would rate this game about 7.6 because it gets boring, but since its a good time killer and plus a glitch that allows me to go off screen I give it a 10. Because that glitch got me 100% on the 4th lvl. ^^


"Really fun, wish you could stop and start dropping seeds."

Cool game

i was kinda hoping i'd be able to start over with my stat increases so i could keep getting stronger. but it was still fun


If you have the powerup that makes seeds fall from the sky, then just slide off the screen during boss battles and you can't lose.


it settles a very unrealistic envirmental problem
sirously ppl start taking care of the envirment!!!!!!
i even donate 50$ every month to the somotrane elephants
i love our planet and i want my children (i dont have any!!! yet) to live and roam free on this awesome planet
i love this game, i love this planet, and i love this website, so to keep it all!!!, start taking care of all of it!!!