Reviews for "Shrubbery."

the whole life thing

great game but u should have more then one life or be able to buy lifes so you can finish. thats my opinion

Needs a money system

like after you beat a lvl, then you can buy a skill or buy more health and recover health, its really hard to beat the game with only one set of health, and like the other guy said, the health recovery barely works.i like the bombarment of enemies, its a new... spice to the game. :D keep up the awsome work.

Really nice game

This game is really unique and entertaining, but I found a bug where you could go out of the playing area. But still think you deserve a 10/10. Good job.


i like the game it has a good replay value, its a good game to kill a couple of minutes.

Well, the idea was nice...

The difficulty... not so much. I found it to just be a tiny bit too hard for my taste. Otherwise, it was one of the best (as I call them) dodger games i've played so far!