Reviews for "Shrubbery."

Not great

too hard to get 100% on one of the levels and your health dosnt come back anywhere near fast enough so if you get near death your screwed, also if you die you have to start from the begining and this game isnt anywhere good enough for anyone to want to do that

Very good but...

Great concept, but the health regeneration is waaaaaay too stingy, Or maybe you need to refresh heath at the start of a level, because apart from that the game works wonderfully.


i started to like it but then i beat all the regular levels and i had almost no health

then i tried lvl 1 boss and got owned cause i had no health at all!

idk if this is the game or a glitch but you should beable to start at full health each level

if its the game update it nub

Easy (if your compter sucks)

I dont know if I got the real game experience cuz it got a bit slow when I played. And guys the last boss is really easy if ya just use tha bottem right corner glitch and have a lot of "talent" and just let the seeds rain down upon him with your forest might!


good game EXITING!