Reviews for "Shrubbery."

Quite nice

The game is quite nice, but seriously, do you really have to put your site logo on every single screen? And in the boss fight background, why does it have to be across the whole screen? That really kills it for me.


Pretty awesome game. Only thing I can think of to make it better is a ave system, or some sort of a way to heal yourself, faster than that ability does. Like potions, or 'healing leaves' or something. Other than that, rad.

It's nice but BUGGED!

There is one bug that makes the game totaly pointless...
You can fly thru the left-down corner, get out of the screan
and become impossible for the enemies to hit you.

Great game in a long time.

Lot of people today just give up when a game is "too hard". The game is definitely solid. I couldn't believe I actually beat it, it just took a me a while hah. The health system is a bit rough but you gotta keep yourself on your toes to regenerate. Lvl 4 was the hardest imo.. Great game!

This game is great

All in all it's a good game you just need some lives and something to regenerate your life faster. Like after every level you should gain all your health back or be able to buy potions or something.