Reviews for "Shrubbery."

Very good

I quite injoyed it but as everyone says, it's extremely hard. However I found a bug that made it quite easy to beat, if i flew down into the left hand corner, than my spirit would warp under the ground. He could not be hit easily but he could still drop seeds. I though you might want to fix that as it makes it very easy to cheat.

just a suggestion

it was very nice , but for next time could you change the controls so that you move with the arrows. Cause i live in europe so we use Azerty keyboards, wich make the aswd controls very confusing.
For the rest nice game , keep making them.

Yeah good but hard

I thought it was really good but I had no idea what was going on at the boss stage.

ehh not really

It was a ok game but i found it much to hard due to the fact that you dont get part health back after a level and that the regeneration of health was really slow, so maybe add more regen or decrease enemies and maybe on bosses you start with full health because i could not do any boss at all due to haveing low health, alsomaybe you can give more health or make an attribute for it. Please consider these suggestions if you are to make a later version or similar game.

Not bad

Pretty good fun ti has to be said, but it is quite hard. I like the graphics though =)