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Reviews for "Temple Guardian 2"

nice game

this is a pretty good game easy to tell that u put in a lot of effort in makein this game....good job.


Some of these fools have no idea what it takes to put out a game like this!! I totally applaud your effort, you did a great job! And your interface and icons were pro quality, you should totally get into interface design as a profession. The number of features was great. I haven't written a review in a long long time but your game was worth it!

2 Early.

i didn't like how i just started build then BOOM! first wave coming you should have troops you can make so its a cool rts not another tower defense.

It's allright

It's pretty easy... I only played it for the first time now and I did it on the hardest difficulty on campaign mode with ease... Maybe try making some units weak to others, and adding foot soldiers and stuff.


peronally, im a hardcore rts fan. starcraft, the original warcraft, age of empires, nemisis of the roman empire, all of those. this game reminded me so much of those calssic ones and is one of the best flash games ive ever played! keep it up. i would like to see a sequel