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Reviews for "Temple Guardian 2"


I saw the first version on Flashgames.it,I didn't imagine the second chapter was already out.Great!


That mummy-looking enemy that runs like crazy killed my lvl 45 invisible knight in 2 seconds, and a few waves later(desert storm wave +-42) another one comes rushing and destroys my temple O.o
I had max upgrades, was on tower build limit and the temple was full hp.
Since you can only target enemys with eagles and your hero, and 4º god's wrath doesnt kill it, how about nerfing that 10k dmg?If most of your towers aim at something else you die.

I saw a lot of mummys on the previous waves, but no one really survived long enough to actually atk something, i think it was just bad luck ¬¬

Tips: Is cool or not?:{

The game is really awsome. Tips: at easy, campage mode, last map, put the merchandise shop near the litlle town(house), then start upgrade everithin at high money(gold) because those litlle cars come faster to the shop. the rest is up to you.Its cool or not?:{

good work!!!!!!!!!

WOW man, that is a good work!!! its a quite hard tough....... , but its doesn't matter, congrats

would be ok

this game would be ok, but i didnt have the patience to read through the tutorial... the music was nice did get a bit annoying... this game was a bit too quiet/slow. next time, try adding a story line, make it more gripping for all players not just the sort for RTS players. music good - gameplay a bit iffy... no story line... 6/10