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Reviews for "Temple Guardian 2"

Not very fun

Needs easier gameplay and easier ways to get to hero


it was ok i didn't really like it

Well made

Good job i like this game very much so keep up the good work

Pretty Good.

Good RTS/RPG. I really like the vast amount of choices of buildings. I only played the tutorial because I have limited time but awesome game none the less. I gave 9/10 because the music was relaxing, the building graphics were good, the only downfall was the speed at which the enemies come. But other than that, fantastic game.

Too hard too fast

The graphics were very well done, the layout was very easy to use and I liked the RPG aspect of it. However, I found it too hard too fast and it ruined the game. Money ran out too quickly and sometimes, if I placed a tower near the temple it didn't work. The first one was good because it paced itself and money didn't run out so fast. Otherwise, this has great potential.