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Reviews for "Temple Guardian 2"


the levels were too short as soon as i got to a comfortable place either more enemies would come and destroy something or i'd win the level! next time make the levels longer and have some kind of timer to tell you when the enemines will attack next.


this game has just got worse and harder!

pretty much sucked

This game is really not that good. Like they always say, "first one was better."
First off, the fact that you have to start the process of earning money and building tons of turrets all over every time you start a new mission (on mission mode anyway cause i didn't play campaign) really sucks.

Second, i don't think people like these kind of games to be uber complicated, and this one was confusing for people who like to just get in and play the game.

Tower defense type games are not meant to be complicated. They need tons of cool towers, tons of cool enemies, tons of cool maps varying difficulty levels, and get right in and play gamestyle. (Good graphics help)


Not good not bad, just fine

The best RTS/Defense game made on flash so far.

Amazing game, seriously, but I have to agree with the guy bellow who gave a 5. There are some problems with the difficulty of this game, specially due to the speed of waves that appears on the screen. After playing the same level about 5 times I gave up trying, simply because it was just too irritating to get your entire army destroyed in seconds because of a minor error you made during the first 5 minutes playing that stage. But again, RTS games are suppose to be this way so I won't take much on you because of that. But I have to admit, I find hard to explore the wide variaty of heroes, spells, buildings and upgrades simply because the game gets extremelly hard in a relative short amount of time.

Still, this game is very amazing, definitely better then the first one, and no question, the best defense/RTS game made on flash so far. 8/10