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Reviews for "Temple Guardian 2"


This is a great sequel to the first temple gaurdian, there are alot more extra features in this one than in the first one. Why do people moan that the game is difficult? Games are supposed to be difficult to keep you entertained. I don't see people complaining that Halo 3 is difficult on legendary? It does get slightly boring though. But apart from that this a great game.


I am not sure what people are complaining about. You make a real flash game and they do not like it? It was pleasingly complex, a challenge but not too hard. At times I got a bit frustrated in the beginning. Flash is pitiful compared to comventional gaming so if people think this is complicated they have no chance. Newgrounds have enough tower defences so I would like to see your talents put into an RPG or something

SaraNellia466: It took me seconds to load on a five year old laptop, so if you payed more than $500 for your new computer you just got seriously conned and I do not think they sell new computers for that price.


I really don't get hoe this game works. Its really confusing to me and it kinda took like 5 min to load and I have a new computer.

To much

When you have a tower defense usually theres already a good amount going on. With this its just way to much. you got heroes, income, prayer, towers, upgrades, main temple, monsters. Just ways to much dude especially for an online game, you just cant focus on defense and the fun. Little to easy. Good art work though? I like the first one better. Also make the monsters attack the carts just for realism, this may add even more to the already lot of stuff going on so your pick if you wanna do that or not.

so so

marktrix waz right it takes a while for sumone to get the consept of the game but all in all it waz pretty fun but difficult