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Reviews for "Temple Guardian 2"

This is awesome!

This is great for anyone who has the patience to have some good luck and get into a high level. it is really freakin hard , but if you do get a lucky break you can just go insane with money and buy until youve bought everything! im on lvl 35 and going.


This was a wonderful game. It was quite fun to battle off the monster hordes. My only problemo with it was that It seemed as if the rounds went rather fast and you couldnt accomplish too much before the end of the game. Otherwise It was fantastic.

Issues for an otherwise pretty good game

Im using Firefox browser if that matters.

While in the game, click on Menu -->Restart Game-->OK. Nothing happens. Clicking the Cancel button works but I am unable to restart a map.

Hero will give a message that reads something like, " Sorry but I am unable to kill this monster" after killing a monster (happens a lot when levelling up).

Target lock doesn't seem to work. I click on a monster and often before I am able to click on the Hero or Eagle attack button my selection has been cleared. I've noticed this happening a lot when a monster anywhere else on the map is killed.

Clicking on an upgrade building should go straight to the upgrades. I shouldn't have to click on the Academy and then on another icon (which is the ONLY icon in the Academy window) before I can get to the upgrade screen. Having to click through a screen that doesn't do anything seems like a waste of time. This also applies to the Tavern, clicking on it should take me immediately to the Hero's for hire.

HOT KEYS!!!!.. A key for Hero attack, a key for Eagle attack, your Wraith of God attacks, a key that opens up the build list would be nice, a key to upgrade whatever building is currently selected, and maybe have a key to Clear Selection. I've got two hands and I only need one to use the mouse, put the other one to work.

There seems to be some problems with trying to get my Hero to walk near a building, when clicking on a spot on the map I'll accidentally select a building.

The text box that looks like it is supposed to give me messages doesn't seem to keep a history of recent event messages.i.e. Two towers are destroyed one right after the other and I only see one message.

Would it be possible to increase the size of the playing area? There's lots of real estate in my browser that could be used (unless it would make the game too big).

When placing a trap (spike trap or sky net) directly on top of a monster the monster will be selected instead of the trap dropped. (This might be intentional but it is frustrating).

Wave counter, I'd like to know how many more waves need to be survived before I win a map (if its already there I haven't found it yet.)

I'm sure there is more but I can't remember anything else at the moment.


I have to say that is a pretty good game, I like that my towers gain experience as they fight off attacks (raising their attack power if not HP). The different strategy required to play this game as opposed to other defence type games is refreshing (as in, not being able to flood a map with turrets in TG2 which is the key to success in most other defence games.) The God Powers and Hero's are a nicely added touch.

I'd consider this game a diamond in the rough. Solid but still in need of some cleaning up.

Thanks for the game.

great game

this is a huge improvement in graphics from the first one ,its very challenging i loved it,this is one of the best games i have played in a long time
thank you


Couldn't have done a better job myself but it was a little fast for me.