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Reviews for "Gunbot Proluge"


This was pretty funny... I kinda like the joke you put in the story..

The animations were quite nice, I really liked the robot.. although the professor could look a bit better..

The sounds fit great in the story, it's evil and the sound effects of the robot sound nice..

It's an original and funny story, pretty short though but I still like it!



legopelle responds:

Thank you.
I also belive the proffessor (scientist) could have been better, but I just didn´t have the patience of making more custom sprites (required for expanding its animations) for the moment.


not bad idea for the story good job...not the best sound

legopelle responds:

Yeah, I had some sound issues, when the sound was spot on, the animations sufferd, so I had to change to event.

Hey not bad!

I hope you continue this series


cute... thats about the only word I can use...

legopelle responds:

That´s a good word to use.


I liked it!
Good job, I can't wait for the next one!
7/10 (because it was kinda short)

legopelle responds:

Thanks, yes it was short, but I plan the next to be longer!