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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"


I want the ActionScript for those muffins. PM me.

Nicely done

Love the animation and the fast-pace of it all.
Defintly a nice learning curve, was almost thinking it was too easy on "normal" til I got to the silver muffin level.
Bit too chaotic at some points, but that would be the name of the game =)

Great, but with one problem

There's only really one problem with this game as I see it. You have a countdown at the start of the game so you can't get muffins until the game starts. However, even during the countdown your health decreases, so you start with only about 75% of your full health. You could fix this game by making the health start decreasing the same time as the game starting. That being said, this game was pretty enjoyable.

Maybe you could fix this issue in a sequel?


simple, fun, short...
good game!

sorta ok

It was very stange but fun. It was sorta hard for me.