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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"


One of the things I enjoyed most about this game was the variation between the levels: rather than just the usual 'Oh look the enemies got faster/tougher' the way the character moved changed with the surface, the health bar adapted and the 'enemies' actually changed (in subtle enough ways to catch you out)... plus the last level was, as the name suggests, pandemonium ^_^.
The animation was good, the controls smooth and the cutscenes suited the game well. The only quibble I would make is that the game lacks replayability (if that's even a word) and is a bit on the short side - maybe some sort of challenge mode could be a consideration?
Awesome game though =)

Very entertaining and exciting game.

With all those falling blocks everywhere with other things to avoid, it can get hectic trying to collect those cupcakes! I love the introduction, it's well animated and looks very nice. Exciting game to play in your spare time with good things to show for it. Heh, still working on beating it but it's fun & exciting, gotta say that.

Oh shoot! A falling block! DDDDDD.


Simple and fun and not too long. I liked it a lot.

5/5 10/10

Very good old fashion game...i liked gettin squashed though...funny as hell...keep up with games like this...ppl will like them.

Very fun

This is a great game. For even more of a challenge try insane.