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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"

Not front page material

when i read "insanity mode" and heard the little beard guy scream i thought, "wow this is gonna be insane!"(pretty obvious huh?) Was it insane?Far from it.everything falling was too slow and easy to dodge. a game like this should have gory deaths a better "insanity" mode. oh yeah! last time i checked when someone is wearing a soldier helmet in a flash game, the game's about something related to war, not a full-of-muffins-parrallel-universe! i mean wth?! don't play this its a waste of time
PD:i gave it a star because of the little guy that screams on the insanity mode when choosing difficulty


a fun silly game. the scream when he fell off was the best though.


i liked it story was a little out there but music was great, graphics were great, contrlos were easy so its an all around good game


Cool. I thought the ice level was a bit of a pain, but all around, great job.

Great game!

Basic, to the point, good music, good graphics, and great overall game!