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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"

Great Game

Muffins FTW!

It is a wonderful game. Although the story kind of came from no where. The only thing that I want to know is the songs.

Title Song?
In-Game Song?

Please respond with the names!


Weaksauce responds:

You should E-mail or PM HouseMasta, he's the one who did all of the music. Glad you liked the game.


normal mode was ok you can pass all the levels in ten minutes XD
but hard mode is almost impossible on the third level maybe with practice...
>_< well the game was great and the plot about the muffin was weird but fun
nice game, nice graphics, music was ok, plot really cool!
it may go to the front page...
keep the good work!
10/10 5/5

very good

it was good game overall, and the graphics were extremely poliished and smooth. there were a few problems:
1. The good muffins tend to spawn either near or directly on top of bad muffins or mines. I might suggest making it so that good muffins can only apear a certain distance away from bad ones.
2. the controls were slippery, and they should be for this type of game, but i often found myself runing in circles trying to get a muffin because of the camera angle. I honestly dont think this matters that much, though.
3. the last and least important problem is that the game doesnt give enough instructions on what the green mines do, what the ones with the circling lights are, etc. Overall I think this is a good timewaster, and certainly one of the few timewasters out there that are actually fun. lastly, the music fit it perfectly, as did the title.


I liked the small story that came along with this, the great art/animation, and the beat pumping music that went well with the whole concept.
Also, the change in setting and objective in each level was nice and the game was pretty humorous, the whole muffin thing, and the guy when he dies.
However, what bothered me what that you lost health before the game started...that was kinda unfair.


lol ok i just finished the 1st level and i lauged so hard so i thought i might have to write this level by level :P

level 1: XD HINT: muffin = good XD that was so funny XD and the way he runs XD amazing :P also funny when he goes splat :P lol didnt think id fall of the edge tho :P

level 2: HINT: green muffin = bad XD i see that ... what do you think you HAVE to do? go get a green one XD puff a big green cloud comes and as soon as it clears (figures im near the edge) i rin left to go get a muffin and i fall off the right side XD fun:P

level 3: HINT: silver muffin bad, lol after the green one i wasnt to sure if i wanted to get this one :P but stupid me i obviously go and get it :P ZAP!

level 4: HINT red good, blue bad :P XD didnt bother hitting the blue one since i figured it would turn me to ice or somthing ... defenetly dont like the slideing :P o well

level 5: red bad, blue good XD wow complete switch up :P like the last level

level 6: normal =good, normal = bad :| o crap XD not sure what to make of it :P. it seemed really easy :( kinda expected more for the last level then that

over all:
-1 for not being to replayable
-1 for to easy last level

8/10 pretty damn good :) keep up the good work and id like to see a sequel to this game. more levels too:)

also to the guy with the "hugh cocks" XD nice to know you got more then one