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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"

Watch out!!!!

Its commando Muffin Man ^_^


It is a very fast-paced game, but the controls are kinda loose, if i let go of a key, the guy keeps running. Very crazy!

its cool

realy cool
and cool animation

too easy

not very challanging...even when you get hit it helps you coz then you got like 5 sec to run around invinsible..

Very entertaining and exciting game.

With all those falling blocks everywhere with other things to avoid, it can get hectic trying to collect those cupcakes! I love the introduction, it's well animated and looks very nice. Exciting game to play in your spare time with good things to show for it. Heh, still working on beating it but it's fun & exciting, gotta say that.

Oh shoot! A falling block! DDDDDD.