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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"

Fast, short and fun

It has some interesting elements of variations which makes every stage of this fast paste short game worth my 5 minutes playing. This is definitely a game I enjoyed from beginning to end. It served its propose and hack, I could just keep hearing that techno song all day long really. From what its worth, a 10/10, but since I felt like it -could- had been a much bigger game then it is, 8/10.

An efficient time-waster.

Amusing, but not revoloutionary. The "temperature" stages were good, the fake muffins on the last stage were just cruel. :P


i have fished the game!i like the ending!


that was pretty funny and pretty fun to play nice job

omg is a muffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good game and muffins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1