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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"


i love the sound of him getting squashed and falling off the edge of the map! this game is flippin fun, its to bad the highscores were hacked

the games not that bad -.-

id give it a 5. it's not a bad game. An AWSOME PRIZE, but it's short and easy

to be good.

gave 3/10 just to be good, cause this game wasn't good at all.


That was good

I have to say it's not really good at all.

This is just my opinion so nobody better go nuts on me. I think the game was kind of boring. I know some of you are into the trying to avoid falling objects games, but me I'm more into action and actual violence. So that's why I'm not giving you any stars. Srry. I also think you would of probably gotten the Daily 2n or 1st Place if you would have put more violence into the game.