Reviews for "WeRBopBop #15"


Contrary to popular opinion, I think Pinjas was hilarious.



just for the pinja part, you deserve 10. PIRATE RULES!!!!

That was very wierd...

I understand it was meant to be madness buuuuut, i did not expect that type of madness. I still find the PINJAS PWN! though. So a 10 for you my demented friend.

Fxcking rotfl!

Re-watching WeRBopBop for the millionth time...This one will always be one of my favorites. XD "PINJAS. PWN!"

I'd love to see how badly you could bash the Twilight series..

do what you want cause a pinja is free!

the ultimate bop bop.
i decided i'm going to apply only for jobs as pinja.
sparta, mariokart, ninja, pirate, what else could you ask for?
this is perfection. now you can only waste your time, sirs.