Reviews for "WeRBopBop #15"

Somebody smell maaarketing?!

Yeah... you make a "PINJA'S PWN!!!" T-shirt

I'm buyin

Guy beneath me's buyin

Guy beneath THAT guy's buyin

Hell, the one eventually ABOVE me's probably buyin too!


OMG that was funny :) he kicked that SPARTA dude 300 times in the balls xD

i cant tell

wether ninjas or pirates are better, but i no this nimation was better than both of them


it was very good but only 5 for combining ninjas and pirates (thats just sad)


Each episode brings something new to the table. I guess taking requests helps to make the creatice process a bit easier. It was a fast paced and crazy episode with the two characters hacking and slashing their way through the world of Madness. Pure awesomeness!