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Reviews for "Landfill Bill"

this was cool

this was fun people need to stop bitching about it


it was good but stop making people feel bad also why does the UK have so many recycle bins? i only have 2 blue and grey

This deserves better scores

When you play for long, it turns pretty fun, because the items keep coming and coming, and you have to aim in the correct bin.
You feel like Charles Chaplin in Modern Times

It also really raises the reciclyng awareness. After you play this game, you will remember to recycle (and do it in the right bins).

AAAAA Annoying

I think the graphics was good but I HATED THE MUSIC, IT HURTS IN MY HEAD.
The game was very boring too.
Good luck next time

GOD WHY??????????:(

Alright I'll admit hte graphics and pictures and slightly annoying music were O.K and a little funny but the gameplay and what makes the game in total **&%$#^@!