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Reviews for "Landfill Bill"

No Point

there was no point making this and it got boring after three seconds

Just Boring!

Dont know what the intention of the game is. It just bores me to death.

not bad

the graphics were good, i was a bit confused because i didnt know which things go into which bins


this was enjoyable it was strange not that bad and mildly ok graphics. As for thdumb prick who didnt take the time to write a decent review and insted just blaberd on about something if you dont take the time to put soe thought into what you say then dont open the sorry excuse for a mouth that you keep plasterd to your face.

Good message good concept!

Sounds like some of these reviews are done by immature kids. Anyway if the music annoys them their is the mute button! It was entertaining it was like a shooting game. And it had a really great message!!! It's very sad that not a lot of people who reviewed can see that. 2 thumbs up!! bb :D Oh and btw love the characters names very creative ;)