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Reviews for "Landfill Bill"

Alright, I'm a pro!

It was pretty fun, but got difficult fastish.

Also, that music was very, very, VERY annoying.

Not too bad

I'm not a "Go green, save the earth" type person so I won't hold that against the game. But at the same time it's not the best game in the world, even with that message. I had a huge issue with the bins constantly moving in front of each other and it sped up far too fast. Plus the music was getting on my nerves.

Matmi responds:

The game gets progressivly harder, with moving bins and the conveyor belt speeding up. It had to be challenging. You can slow down the conveyor belt by getting the correct rubbish in one of the flying bins. That should help


Good idea, good message, good execution. The music was annoying as all hell, but I still liked it. The challenge was appropriate for the time spent on it as well.

Where is the play button???

It took me about 20 seconds to find the actual play button because most of the screen is about ASDA, recycling, and your "great game-making company". It was too hard to play and very confusing to say the least, and the music was really really annoying.


kinda fun, worst music ever.