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Reviews for "Landfill Bill"

yay a game about recycling

kinda lame but fun for a lil bit, and to who ever southerntower, your a douche there's nothing wrong with it, maybe you should pack up your confederate flag join the military and go over to irag. try fightign for something you mite believe in.

I liked the music...

The gameplay was boring and repetitive. Plus, if I recycle now, Al Gore wins!


really cool game, like the job status rating at the end

personaly i liked it a bit

i liked it and it it has good message. i mean if people put in so much landfill trash in the world we would live in toxic waste(wicth is not good)

I have to agree with krapking

"games" that are a form of delivering a message first and an actual game second are incredibly boring and ineffective for the most part.

Crappy game, good cause