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Reviews for "Landfill Bill"

1 for the message

Hey recycling is good. Next time make a game that's not crap to try and promote it. Maybe something more Newgrounds like shooting people that try and dump trash. :)

Shitbin Bill

You just had to make the bins move. You just had to, as if it was not hard enough in the end without them dodging the throws. Repetive.

Some truth there

If you work at a landfill as your carrer you probably do look like that. Just another jab by the liberal agenda to insult blue collar workers.

*Pokes his stick into the fire to see what happens*

Not that good

Nice try The guy in the picture scares the crap out of me.

Not bad.

To the ignorant whiners: It's a game....stop complaining that it somehow promotes an evil agenda, recycling makes sense economically, it's because of douchebags like yourselves that this country is going to the shits.Anyways, not the greatest game but still good.