Reviews for "Urban Color"

10 on 10

Very Relaxing...Alacrity sounds as put into a relaxing way. Just look at the sky dazed into space while tune'n the world out with this music.

Good work. I expect something more like this later from you


No1r responds:

Thank you Peyce!
I'm glad you liked it ..


This has Flow

Great piece of work here. Really captures the essence of night and the quite bustle of the city. Reminds me a lot of the music from an old game called Pilot Wings. Very well done, keep it up!

No1r responds:

Thanks for your listen and review! :)


It's kinda romantic, actually...

No1r responds:

Thank you!


Heard this peice and the "flower" one in the Picross game, both are exceptionally well done. Keep up the good work!


at the moment you came really close to making my top 3

No1r responds:

I'm glad of it, thanks! :)