Reviews for "Urban Color"

OMG, another hit!

Man, you're really good at this aren't you? I'm a music guy in the making, a rookie if you will, but man, this music sets the MOOD know what I mean? I mean, just sittin' and watching the rain on a gray sky just slipping away from time...like the guy said down there, I'm feeling the music man...that guitar is just awesome! I need to read up on FL to see how you do this stuff man, another job well done!!!

No1r responds:

Hi, ShadowFox! I am a rookie too and glad you liked this track, i never imagined this feedback..
My guitar is happy and feels useful!
Thanks to you all ;)

Smoth jazz...

But still, quite well done. I've got to admit, of all the smooth jazz out there, this was in the top ten.

You made it soothing without leaving it bland.It has wonderfull swells of intensity strong enough to draw me back in as I start to drift away.

And it never floated around one single idea for too long (like so many tend to do...), which was a pleasure to hear.

Once again, while I'm an old school bop and cool cat myself, this is more than worthy of recieving a 10.

No1r responds:

Hi Gizmo, great sax player, thanks for reviewing and listening my work!


This reminds me of a city at night. I listen to this song every time I take a nightly walk.

One of the best!

You made a good music. it really fits for a late night peacful drive or something.
Keep on doing these kinds of things, this song is my most favorite jazz song so far.



Gentleman, you're my first experience at the NG Audio Portal, and I could really say that I'm please with what I've found. I never thought I could find here good music to listen to while I'm working, and your blues just fit the request.
Congrats! =)

No1r responds:

Thank you for listening and reviewing! :)