Reviews for "Urban Color"

One of the best songs...

I've ever heard. It's very relaxing,
And it's soft. Great, Really.
Thanks for making it

No1r responds:

Thank you for listening Firenic, thank you!

A deep velvet

purple, not blue.
I imgaine this to be an excellent song to bone to.
Gentle, sensual, and slightly exotic.

No1r responds:

Thank you :)

City at night?

My city doesn't sound like this at night.

But that's probably because I live in Minnesota...

Keep it up brah.

No1r responds:

Yeah mine neither :)
But i like to dream..!
Greetings :)


Very calm and relaxing, I'd say the color for this song is Blue...
All it needs is a nice, smooth jazz vocal.

No1r responds:

Well, someone already put vocals on this song actually! :) In a R'n'b way, wich i really liked.
The song is included with the title of "Ghetto Noir" in the first downloadable album by Blacksunn. You can find everything on his myspace page (also the streaming of the song under the SOUNDCLICK window).
Check it out!

This is the best noir song ive ever heard on NG

Yup, thats what my title is implying.

Thanks a bunch to Wasim who linked me to this. Lovely lovely lovely track. Mmmm yes. Perfect.