Reviews for "Urban Color"


I love this kinda stuff, a little bit like Pat Metheny. This is very nice :)

No1r responds:

Thank you Snulode! Yes, i like him very much..

definately a relawing hue

i imagine a purple or blue. but that's besides the point. This song is amazing, this is what i look for in the Audio Portal. I love jazz, and i thank you for bringing good stuff to Newgrounds


I love it!

I play jazz guitar and I love the way the guitar flows in this song. Really good job! Keep it up!


i used to live in a town with this huge bookstore that also included a coffee shop for the customers to read over a cup of coffee or whatever...this sounds like the music that they played there. completely relaxing. an easy 10.


This song is mind blowing. It has that feel that its simple yet its eloquent. I really can't describe the song in words its an awesome song!