Reviews for "Urban Color"

Nice track

This was a pretty nice track. I don't know if anyone will agree, which also goes into if anyone saw this but... When I first heard this I immediately thought of the anime Wolf's Rain. This to me could be a song that plays while the Wolfs are walking through a city together at night. Not a crazy crowded city but a city none the less.

Nice job on this one.

Great! 'nuff said.

This is one of my favorite songs ever. I first heard it via the game "Armor Picross2" and have tried to hunt it down for ages. I sure am glad I found it. Thanks for the great work and keep it up.


This is really the best jazz song on newgrounds. It has a nice warm feel to it. somewhat... aquatic. It reminds me of a breezy day hanging out with my friends in a a beachside tiki bar :D thanks so much for making this man. Great to relax to

No1r responds:

Aquatic? Sounds nice .. !
Thanks for leaving a line and remind me while you're relaxing :P


Excellent music to relax at night, man. Good one! Thank you. :)

No1r responds:

Thank you too! :)


Beautiful tone!!! Yeah, like my mate below me, it really sounds like pat metheny. And this means it's great! It isn't easy to be comparable to Pat. :D Great job!

No1r responds:

Thank you! Yes, having a sweet, warm and smooth tone was the aim here.
Everything had to be roundless :)
But..you can't compare me to Pat Metheny..this is an insult, to him XD
Stay tuned!