Reviews for "Urban Color"


Love the tune! I could listen to it almost the whole day... ;)

Make more kinda like this. Sounds Amazing!

No1r responds:

Yez, thanks for listening!


Something worth listening to. It's awesome.

No1r responds:

Thank you!

Damn good

Can't say what more that already been said.

No1r responds:

and i can't say anything more that thank you :)

Chill and laid back

It's like elevator music that you can stand to listen too. A real smooth jazz like tune.Do you have this on mp3 man cuz I would like to add it to my music library for real.

No1r responds:

Thank you! Download it then ;)

This song kicks serious ass.

This is my favorite song on Newgrounds.

No1r responds:

Eheh thank you! :)