Reviews for "Urban Color"

Nice job!

I can just imagine two mercenaries sitting in an elevator after killing an entire platoon of bad guys, waiting casually for the next wave while this music plays. Well done.

No1r responds:

Mhh, interesting vision! :)
Thanks for reviewing!


Gentleman, you're my first experience at the NG Audio Portal, and I could really say that I'm please with what I've found. I never thought I could find here good music to listen to while I'm working, and your blues just fit the request.
Congrats! =)

No1r responds:

Thank you for listening and reviewing! :)


I've listened to your work and you are an astounding musician/composer.

This music is an experience and truly entrancing.

I can't imagine what you could do out of a time signature, take for example Esperanza Spalding's work.

No1r responds:

Thank you very much for listening to my works and taking some time for reviewing dude!
Appreciate it!

My daily dose of good jazz

This is on my ipod as well. First day I put it on, it was looped for for 3 hours straight, i kept listening to it. very calming and classy jazz. One of my favorite styles of jazz. Keep up the good work!! 105D

No1r responds:

Nice, thank you very much :)

its iight

pretty good not much to say beside it sounds , like the sound level is low or something but pretty good keep it up man :)

No1r responds:

Thanks for reviewing and listening!