Reviews for "Urban Color"

Damn great track

Very relaxing jazzy like song nice man

No1r responds:

Thanks so much!


Arguably one of the most relaxing songs I've heard on newgrounds. Everything flows so smoothly without every feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable, I wanna listen to this for a long, long time.

Thanks for uploading, I know I'm going to be putting the download to good use!

Fav'd + downloaded.

Ste :D

No1r responds:

:-) Thanks mate!

Its gripping

very cool sound man thats really all i can say. wish i had some of your skill at this sorta thing

No1r responds:

thank you :) it takes a lot of time to understand something about music and i still need to learn so much.


I can't come up with anything sensible but one thought: it's just brilliant!

No1r responds:

thanks for the brillant feedback :)


Great animations on the screen and the song too bro , :D