Reviews for "Urban Color"


This reminds me of a city at night. I listen to this song every time I take a nightly walk.

Very,Very nice

Exellent composition.
I like it very much
and it makes me sleepy
Nice job =)

No1r responds:

Thank you a lot!

vote #100: 5/5

and well deserved... excellent composition and guitar playing.

No1r responds:

Thanks so much Paul! :)
I'm glad this track had 100 votes..

Great stuff!

I love music that takes you places, especially if it's jazz. I loved your Carribean Sunflower piece for that same reason.

Let's see...this one took me to a city street at night, it's dark except for, of course, the streetlights along the sidewalks and the occasional blinking traffic light. A car passes by every once in awhile, but it's just me walking along. I'm tired and on my way home, and it's a long walk, but I have the lights from the windows in the tall buildings and an occasional passer-by to keep me company.

Great job! Please, please make more music!

No1r responds:

I'll try to make more :)
Thanks a lot for your words and support.
Yes, the place you imagined is the right one for this song!


great work man, actual jazz. upbeats are well placed.

No1r responds:

Thanks so much grafme!