Reviews for "Urban Color"

Perhaps the best jazz piece in NG

Really different than other entries, wich is majorly sax


rly reminds me of the city at night....relax


Really Good! Simple, soft... Almost reminds me of Hotel Dusk. Maybe when Talking to Rachel over the phone, or maybe when you meet Iris... Or maybe just when you walk around in the hotel.
Anyway, the song is excellent!

Nice and chilled with some jazzy energy behind it.

Fairly simple song with a nice style and feel to the song. Definately made me think of a big city at night.


something i would like to listen to just walking somewhere
this tune would be perfect for a transition scene in a movie or something
it's perfect, i've been looking for something like this. A rhodes piano would sound nice comping in the background, but that's just personal preference
nice man