Reviews for "Urban Color"


Nice chillout-sound, perfect for the guitar, pretty slick and floating, kind of Pat Metheny.
There is not that much happening in the song, but then again it's relaxing.

Keep it up :)


best smooth jazz ive heard this far probobly ever

Buuurrrr it warm.

Nothing has ever made me feel both cold and warm at the same time. You sir get an A+!


I really love this piece, its really soothing and relaxing. Keep up the good work man ;)

Something Else.

I love all of your works, and this is what started it all. You are honestly one of my inspirations, I can say. The guitar sounds perfect, everything works so well with everything else. Nothing is out of place, and it is just so darn relaxing. Favorite, download, 10/10 5/5 and very high respect.

No1r responds:

Wow! thank you for spending some time listening and reviewing my works!
Greetings ;)