Reviews for "Mario: To the past"

Cool Idea

It's definitley a cool concept, but I'm sure the flaws are obvious. No sound. Not finished. Finish it up and it should be good.

good start, but it doesn't go anywhere...

The animation is smooth and clean, but it lacks sound and a story. Maybe you should work on it more and develope a story so you can re-submit it? I would like to see it completed well.

Like the idea

It has a good concept to it. Just finish it up and it should be ok.

Has a lot of problems

This movie definitely has problems. The effect of lightning was pretty bad, the lack of sounds is a problem, and it not being done really hurts it.
I don't expect this to stay on NG, but you definitely want to work on adding sounds and finishing it.
Also, add a preloader. It isn't really needed for this short thing, but in a big movie, it's nice to have.


need some music. or any kind of sound... but its a good idea...