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Reviews for "CopterCrasher"

A beginning...

If you put more work into the background and a diversity of enemies, this could become an "indestructotank"-like game.
I like the game, but it is too monotone to really make fun.

Maccomo responds:

Hmm, I don't wan't that this becomes an "IndestructoTank"-like game. I wan't my game to be original. Why do you guys always talk about indestructoTank when you play my game? Is there anything similar?

Well, thanks for your review, I see that it can get boring if you play it too long, maybe add more stuff in an CopterCrasher 2 :)

Not bad

But it's basically that indstrucotank game isn't it? Personally i think this is actually better, and the only reason i didn't voter higher is cause it's pretty much exactly the same. Still it's very good.

Maccomo responds:

What is exactly the same? I don't see any similarity's. Please pm me thanks :)


I liked it, but you may want to add some other things,like challenges:bump one heli intro another orsomething.
And maybe some dangers such as after a random time a army heli spawns that wants to shoot u.

Maccomo responds:

U mean it needs something more too it like upgrades etc...? I agree with you I could add some more too it if I make a second one.


I've never new that flying around and smashing copters would be such a blast to play!
Thank you for bringing something new to the portal ;)

Maccomo responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it.

Just fun.

A little boring after a while but can keep you occupied for some time.

Maccomo responds:

thats what it should do.